Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

Map and Driving Directions


How to get: 

From the South Station Bus Terminal, Buses # 019, 42, 54, 05, 047, 012, 016 to the Bus Stop "City Hospital # 6" From the Railway Station, Bus # 045 to the Bus Stop "City Hospital # 6",  

Or with a transfer: Bus # 21 – to the Stop "Medgorodok", then on Bus 18 to the Bus Stop "Autopark" or by Bus # 41 and any minibus to the Bus Stop "City Hospital # 6" From the Square 1905, Buses # 46, 54 to the stop to the Bus Stop "City Hospital # 6" 

Outpatient Consultative Diagnostic Clinic Ekaterinburg, 1, 8 Marta St,

How to get: 

From the Railway Station: by Metro to the station "Square 1905"; Bus # 21 to the Bus Stop "Drama Theater". 

From the South  Station Bus Terminal, by Metro to the station "Square 1905";  by Buses # 23, 50, to the Bus Stop “Square 1905”. 


How to get by public transport: 

From the North Station Bus Terminal, take a tram or trolleybus to the Stop “Pedagogical Institute”, where the terminus of Bus 103 is located. Timetable: 7.00; 8.20; 12.00; 14.00; 17.30; 18.30.  Get off the bus at the stop “Regional Children's Hospital”, cross the road, go to the direction sign and then turn into the forest. The length of the forest road is about 500 meters from the highway.  

How to get by personal transport:  
Go through Baltym Village, turn to Krasny Village. When you see the direction sign “Regional Children's Clinical Hospital” turn left to the branch road leading into the forest and drive to the hospital gate.  The navigation system does not show Romaska Village, that is why use Kedrovoye Village as a landmark, but this village is father along the same road. 

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Regional Children's Clinical Hospital
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