Regional Children's Clinical Hospital

Outpatient Clinic

Elena Valerievna Podolyak,

Chief Physician of the Outpatient Clinic,
Pediatrician of the Highest Qualification Category
Work experience over 30 years
Tel: (343) 231-91-41

Communications Center: (343) 231-91-00 Fax (343) 231-91-37
Outpatient Registration Desk: 1, 8 Marta St. (343) 371-85-84
Day Hospital: (343) 231-92-55

The Regional Children's Outpatient Clinic has been offering various medical services for more than 50 years. Today it is a large, unique medical facility designed to ensure access to quality health careservices for 250 patients per shift. Every year, more than 80,000 children receive consultations here.

The Outpatient Clinic offers:

  • Consultations with highly qualified specialists, including chief physicians of inpatientdepartments, assistant professors and heads of the department chairs of the MedicalUniversity;
  • Individualized health care plans for every child;
  • Modern methods of laboratory, functional, ultrasound, X-ray and radiological diagnostics;
  • Outpatient surgical treatment;
  • Treatment for visual impairments and ENT pathologies;
  • Dental treatment.

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Regional Children's Clinical Hospital
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