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неонатальный отдел.jpgFarid Galimovich Mukhametshin,

Head of Department, PhD,
Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation 

The work of the Neonatal Division is arranged in compliance with the procedure of neonatal care provision, approved by Order # 921n issued on November 15, 2012 by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. 

As a Level III designated facility, the Neonatal Division has all the necessary modern medical equipment and applies the cutting edge medical technologies allowing the team to provide emergency assistance for the maintenance of vital functions; to render medical aid to the most problematic patients from 22 weeks of gestation, and to carry out comprehensive monitoring and examination. 

In all the departments of the Neonatal Division, innovative technologies of treatment and care for newborns are being constantly introduced and improved, ensuring not only the highest survival rate, but a better quality of the following life of every child as well. 


Отделение новорожденных акушерского обсервационного отделения.jpgIrina Yuryevna Ivonina,

Head of Department,
Neonatologist of the Highest Qualification Category 

The Department if responsible for medical care of the children born in the operating theatre of the delivery suite, or at home, or in an ambulance (with the exception of the newborns who need to be treated in the Intensive Care Unit and the babies with infectious diseases requiring isolation). 

Children with any of the following pathologies are hospitalized to the department: 
- Prematurity; 
- Congenital malformations; 
- Malformations of the cardiovascular system; 
- Low weight, etc. 


Отделение анестезиологии, реанимации и интенсивной терапии для новорожденных №1.jpgMark Evgenievich Prutkin,

Head of Department,

Today, the department annually provides treatment and medical care to more than 800 patients. These are mainly premature babies and children with congenital malformations. For treatment of these patients, the most modern technologies are used starting right from the delivery. With premature babies, we are trying to apply the least invasive techniques. 

We apply the different cutting edge technologies of breathing support starting from non-invasive methods to high-tech innovations such as the patient-triggered and high-frequency artificial lung ventilation. At present we are also introducing a new technique – early application of inhaled nitric oxide. 

The Department provides high quality, safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable medical care in patient-friendly environment. Much attention is paid to prevention of infectious complications of intensive therapy. 

A Resuscitation and Counseling Center for the Sverdlovsk region doctors is open and operates on the basis of the Department. There is a mobile team of specialists whose task is to consult and transport the most severely ill children to specialized hospitals.


Отделение анестезиологии, реанимации и интенсивной терапии для новорожденных №2.jpgRustam Faridovich Mukhametshin,

Head of Department, PhD,

The Department tasks: 

To provide specialized high-tech comprehensive clinical management of critically ill newborns; to treat infants (of any gestational age) with severe impairment of vital organs, congenital heart disease, decompensated metabolic and endocrine disorders, and surgical pathologies (both in the preoperative and postoperative periods until the child is transferred to the children's surgical department); to conduct intensive observations and intensive treatment for life-threatening conditions in newborns transferred from the other structural units of the RCCH or other medical  facilities; to provide professional counseling and to perform resuscitation of newborns in the other specialized units of the RCCH. 

Newborns of any gestational age, who need resuscitation and intensive therapy, are hospitalized to our Department, if they were born in different obstetric facilities of the Sverdlovsk Region, or if earlier they were treated in pediatric, resuscitation, anesthesiology and intensive care clinics of the Sverdlovsk Region, or in the departments of the Neonatal Division of Regional Children's Clinical Hospital # 1 (Neonatal Pathology Department # 2).  

The Department provides emergency treatment and patients are admitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All staff potentially involved in the transport of critically ill newborns has received appropriate training in transfer medicine. Transportation to the Department is carried out by anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists.  . 


The Department provides comprehensive clinical management of preterm infants with various pathologies, including rare diseases, and extremely low birth weights of about 400 grams. 

The department works on the principle of “Mother and Child”: moms are with their babies all the time. Both the mothers and the babies learn the skill of breastfeeding and adjusting to the new relationship. After giving birth during the postpartum period, breastfeeding mothers get gynecological care and support, a


Отделение патологии новорожденных и недоношенных детей №2.jpgIgor Nikolaevich Velikanov,

Head of Department,
Neonatologist of the Highest Qualification Category 

The Department of Neonate and Preterm Infant Pathologies # 2 has been working on the basis of Regional Children's Clinical Hospital # 1 since 1997. Despite its specialization in treatment of preterm infants, full-term babies with all kinds of pathologies are also admitted to the Department. On average, more than 300 children are treated per year, about half of them are premature, many with extremely low birth weights – less than 1000 grams. 

Highly skilled and well trained team of healthcare professionals provide high level of expertise and ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and patient centered treatment of not only the most common pathologies in newborns, but all kinds of rare diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems, heart defects, genetic disorders as well. 

Since 2005, the Department has been treating newborns with congenital heart defects. At present we are preparing and upgrading the Department’s physical infrastructure, including the operating theatre and the intensive care unit, assemble all the required medical equipment and train the personnel to perform cardiac surgery in the neonates with congenital heart disease and cardiovascular malformations and to provide the required postoperative care.  


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