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Клинико-диагностическая лаборатория.jpgLaboratory Medical Director
Irina Aleksandrovna Pashnina,
Candidate of Biological Sciences, Laboratory Doctor

The Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory of RCCH  was created in February 2015 on the basis ofseveral laboratories. The laboratory provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and specialized testing of blood, urine and other biomaterials; biochemical and instant testing; hemostasiological and immunological studies.


Отделение рентгеновской и УЗИ диагностики.jpgIrina Vladimirovna Annenkova,
Head of Department,

The Diagnostic Imaging Department is a unique hospital-based facility. Almost all of its doctorsspecialize in several professional fields and use different radiodiagnostic techniques. Thissignificantly improves the quality of diagnosis and reduces the time. At present, there are 7 X-rayrooms, a computed tomography room, 10 ultrasound diagnostic rooms, an endoscopy room, an MRI room and an X-ray data archive. The Department offers all types of ultrasound, X-ray studies, CT,MRI and gastrointestinal endoscopy. Only the most experienced professionals with the first and the highest qualification categories work here.


Лаборатория клинической микробиологии.jpgLyubov Grigoryevna Boronina,
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Director,
Doctor of Medical Sciences,
Bacteriologist of the Highest Qualification Category,
Professor of the Chair of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics and Bacteriology at the Faculty of Continuing Medical Education of the Ural State Medical University,
Chief Freelance Consultant Bacteriologist of the Ministry of Public Health of the Sverdlovsk Region

Only our Clinical Microbiology Laboratory offers the following studies:

1 Urine culture analysis, using an ALIFAXHB & LLIGHT analyzer (Alifax, Italy). The method isbased on the use of a light scattering technology, which allows following the growing bacteria from the inoculum step in a specific culture broth and displaying the kinetic growth curves showing the bacterial count expressed in CFU/ml. If there are no signs of bacteriuria, the results are ready within three hours (rapid test method).

2 Diagnostics of intestinal dysbacteriosis, applying the method of “direct quantitative gaschromatographic separation of C2-C6 fatty acids in aqueous microbial fermentation media” (with the use of Hewlett Packard 6890 Series Gas Chromatograph, USA). The method uses the short-chain fatty acids for assessment of changes in gut microbiota. It is a quick and accurate diagnostictest, which shows greater sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility of results compared with the classical method (bacterial inoculation). It ensures high accuracy assessment of not only aerobicmicrobial populations but of anaerobic as well, which is even more important.


Отделение радионуклидной диагностики.jpgAlexey Vladimirovich Zelenin,
Head of Department,
Radiologist of the Highest Qualification Category

The Department offers the following services:
  • Dynamic renal scintigraphy;
  • Determination of glomerular filtration rate;
  • Static renal scintigraphy;
  • Static liver scintigraphy;
  • Hepatobiliary scintigraphy (dynamic liver scintigraphy);
  • Program “Meckel's diverticulum” (search for ectopic gastric mucosa in the gastrointestinal tract);
  • Osteoscintigraphy (primary tumors and metastasis);
  • Osteoscintigraphy (chronic osteomyelitis and Perthes disease);
  • Esophageal scintigraphy;
  • Ventilation–perrfusion lung scintigraphy;
  • Thyroid scintigraphy.

License # УО-03-207-2776 issued on 27.07.2017 by the Federal Service for the Supervision ofEnvironment, Technology and Nuclear Management. Valid until 07.07.2027.


Лаборатория молекулярной биологии, иммунофенотипирования и патоморфологии.jpgGrigoriy Anatolevich Tsaur,
Head of Laboratory,
Candidate of Medical Sciences

The Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Immunophenotyping and Pathomorphology was open in the Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology in 1991 Today, it consists of several specialized laboratories. We possess a unique set of diagnostic tools necessary to support diagnostics andtreatment of haematological and solid second malignancies in compliance with the modern international protocols.

At present the Laboratory performs the following works:

  • Immunophenotyping of hemoblastosis;
  • Molecular biological studies;
  • Pathological and immunomorphological diagnostics;
  • Cell processing for transplantation.


Отдел функциональной диагностики.jpgSvetlana Ivanovna Mikhailovskaya,
Head of Department,
Doctor of Functional Diagnostics,Physician of the Highest Qualification Category

The Department performs the following cardiovascular functional studies:

  • ECG, including ECG at rest and under load (physical exercises, pharmacologic stress test);
  • ECG stress test (treadmill stress test);
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring with Holter ECG recording;
  • Rheoencephalography;
  • Cardiovascular ultrasound.

The following studies of nervous system functions are conducted in the Department:

  • Electroencephalography (EEG) and sleep EEG monitoring;
  • Stimulation and needle electroneuromyography;
  • Evoked potentials studies.

Autonomic balance studies include heart rate variability assessment and cardiointervalography.
Bronchodilator reversibility test and exercise spirometry are used to investigate the pulmonaryfunction.

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